M’s story

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The prosecution barrister stepped up, his oily demeanour oozed into the courtroom.
“So Madam” he started
“You portray the defendant as a gentleman, a hero, a reasonable person?”
“Why not the violent thug, the man with animalistic, fighting instinct? The man who once shouted at a Police officer “You can knock me down, you can beat me with your stick and you can spray me, you can even nail me to a cross but until you kill me I will keep coming back at you”
“Why do you not paint him this way? I don’t allege malice or dishonesty, just a view that is clouded with emotion, a view that is skewed by your love for this flawed,some would even say, damaged individual”
“The jury should treat your testimony with this in mind”

“No more questions your honour”

“you could have let her answer” whispered the CPS solicitor behind his hand as the Prosecutor took his seat.

M’s Story (the next bit)

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“So, what if they don’t share his passion, what if they disagree with him?” probed the silk.
“Well he gets shouty, pushing his point home.”
“Browbeating, bombarding you with a stream of facts that support his position being the right one.”
“Does he get physical?”
“No, never, but people may think he’s about to. I’ve tried to tell him and he does understand but…………..
“I suppose it’s just him, who he is, a trait that can’t be changed”
“He manages it, I laugh at him meditating and heavy breathing”

“Ok, so you are telling us here in this Courtroom that G is a caring man, a man trained in violence but a peaceable one, a man who has beliefs and sticks to them”

“Yes Sir, I am”

” No more questions your honour.”

M’s story- continued

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Here comes (a short but sweet ) next section of M’s story
Love to y’all

M’s Story- Continued

I found out that G was a good man.
He looked a bit scary with his short crop and mean looks but he was so soft and gooey and damaged inside that I started to love him.
He could never…..

Sorry Miss can I stop you there- damaged? What do you mean he was damaged?

Errm,well he had experience of lifes pain. His Dad died when he was 15. He had to take responsibility, be strong, support his Mum and siblings.
He joined the Army- never served anywhere just did his trade and military training at the Army’s college and escaped the regime on a medical due to him injuring his knee.
He is proud of what the Army taught him but there are dark places in that experience he doesn’t like to relive. The bullying, the homesickness, the cold cold nights camped out on exercise and the cold cold water of the lake they threw him in on his 18th birthday after more than 10 pints of snakebite.

So he was damaged by his military experience?
I think so, he always showed restraint but when placed under stress he would go “on one”

On One??!!

Yes he would go all methodical, I’ll give you an example.
We had left a club in Liverpool and we were waiting for a cab in a huge queue on the rank by the chinese arch.

A scuffle broke out further down the queue and a lad was punched and knocked to the ground.
G ran over to the fallen man and checked his vital signs shouting, at the same time, for an ambulance to be called.
The lad was breathing but unconcious. G placed him in recovery position and was so focussed and organised and confident that I felt proud of him.
He sent someone to the top of the street to flag the ambulance ,he got coats off random people rubber necking by just asking firmly, once, no messing.
The Police arrived.
They asked G what happened, who had assaulted the guy on the ground.
G said he didn’t see
When I asked him why he didn’t “grass” he said that he didn’t know who was right or wrong in the argument they had had and that he wouldn’t take sides, only action to stop serious harm coming to anyone and that included trouble with the Law

MMMM I think I understand. You are describing someone heroic, a selfless individual, a crusader, a knight in shining armour, an equaliser. But not an enforcer, not a trained killer, not a practiced combat ready, fighting fit man

Ohhh he was fit M’lud- smiled M

Did he have a temper? Did he ever lose it?

He did but never without reason, tsk listen to me sound like a battered wife justifying my love for him. He gets frustrated. if people don’t see things his way, he’s so passionate in his views, about what’s right and wrong, he wants everyone to share them and live them and be passionate too